UMD on the Simpsons

Sorta annoyed. Still don’t know what to think about this. Seriously, I don’t know whether to laugh or scream. It’s getting on my nerves how the city of Dearborn’s getting all this unnecessary flak, what with the “All-American Muslim” show, Pastor Terry Jones, and now, the issue of Lowe’s. I mean, I guess it is good on […]


I so don’t feel too good right now. I screwed up…big time, and did and said some stuff I shouldn’t have. It was stupid, it was impulsive, and totally wrong on all accounts, no matter what the situation was or how I felt about it. I seriously have some growing up to do.  I know […]

Hate Comes to Orange County

I am appalled by the sheer absurdity of the Orange County protest! When I first watched this, I was speechless. I feel sickened by their response. I totally agree with Mohammed Tayssir Safi,  we should just”…smother ’em with love.” Seriously, while watching it, my mouth was open in utter disbelief the entire time. Since when did helping […]