Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullah, 😀 Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve last written! So much happened this past month. The semester ended and now this one will be my last one at U of M, I got engaged and will be getting married in a few weeks, inshaAllah, and Ruqayyah and her babies are leaving […]

Spring is in the Air

Assalamualaikum, 🙂 It was gorgeous outside today subhanAllah, even if it was windy! But I loved that too. The breeze was a bit strong, but it was nice and warm since  the temperature was in the 60s.  I went for a walk around the block and took some pictures along the way…  


 Assalamualaikum, A friend/mentor’s father just died yesterday. I used to be pretty close to her a couple of years ago. May Allah (swt) give the family patience and have his grave be a garden of jannah for him. She wrote this poem in his remembrance. I thought I’d share it because it ‘s such a beautiful […]

S’mores Cupcakes

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullah! 😀 Today was a wonderful day, alhamdulillah! It was also my first day volunteering at G. Elementary School. The experience was definitely an interesting one, that’s for sure!  I went to the school in the morning and as I was dropping my sister off in her classroom, we met a lady in the hallway. […]


Got into U of M–Ann Arbor, alhamdulillah! Yaaayyy! I just got the email a few hours ago. 😀 They send out admission letters in mid-April, but for some reason, I got mine in less than half a month after submitting the application. I love U-M–Dearborn so I guess we’ll have to see and make istikhara […]

Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

Assalamualaikum, 😀 I made these cupcakes around a week ago. They were pretty good overall, but were a tad bit on the dry side. School’s going really well, but extremely busy. 🙂 A word of advice, please don’t take your car lights off the auto setting because if you do, you might forget to turn them off […]