Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

Assalamualaikum, 😀 I made these cupcakes around a week ago. They were pretty good overall, but were a tad bit on the dry side. School’s going really well, but extremely busy. 🙂 A word of advice, please don’t take your car lights off the auto setting because if you do, you might forget to turn them off […]

Truly Striving

Assalamualaikum, 🙂 Yesterday, we had our weekly MSA sisters’ halaqah, and the incident one of the girls related really touched us all deeply, and I still can’t stop thinking about it. The summary is posted below. “…Fatima I. just came back from spending a week volunteering in Haiti with Helping Hands, and we got very emotional […]

Fun, fun, and s’more fun

Assalmualaikum, Soooo, alhumdulillah, this weekend was absolutely fantabulous! I haven’t had this much fun in quite some time! There was so much happening in the community. First, there was a jamaat over from Ohio, and another jamaat went from our area. Then, Masjid UBK had a two-day retreat for the youth with Mawlana Tameem of the Bay area. Finally, Tawheed Center […]