Assalmualaikum wa rahmatullah, Today’s just one of those days when I feel absolutely content (and it’s sunny outside! :D). It’s a wonderful feeling, peace, isn’t it? It just makes me reflect on all the blessings Allah (swt) has bestowed upon me, and the even more things He’s protected me from. I think of these moments as […]

Truly Striving

Assalamualaikum, 🙂 Yesterday, we had our weekly MSA sisters’ halaqah, and the incident one of the girls related really touched us all deeply, and I still can’t stop thinking about it. The summary is posted below. “…Fatima I. just came back from spending a week volunteering in Haiti with Helping Hands, and we got very emotional […]

Hate Comes to Orange County

I am appalled by the sheer absurdity of the Orange County protest! When I first watched this, I was speechless. I feel sickened by their response. I totally agree with Mohammed Tayssir Safi,  we should just”…smother ’em with love.” Seriously, while watching it, my mouth was open in utter disbelief the entire time. Since when did helping […]