Shining Star

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatuallah! I love this poem. Sunhanallah, it’s beautiful. A good friend of mine wrote it a few years ago. ♥ She came up with the pen name Shining Star when she was thirteen and I absolutely love teasing her about it because now she finds it oh so immature! :p She’s awesome, Masha’allah. May Allah (swa) give her […]

Fun, fun, and s’more fun

Assalmualaikum, Soooo, alhumdulillah, this weekend was absolutely fantabulous! I haven’t had this much fun in quite some time! There was so much happening in the community. First, there was a jamaat over from Ohio, and another jamaat went from our area. Then, Masjid UBK had a two-day retreat for the youth with Mawlana Tameem of the Bay area. Finally, Tawheed Center […]

The Glass Ceiling

Assalamualaikum, I don’t quite remember who I was talking about this to (or maybe I was just having an internal conversation with myself :D), but when one really thinks about it, we can never really reach the pinnacle in our worship to Allah (swa). We can never reach the ‘glass ceiling’ in Islam. We’ll never […]